Foamed non-woven web SVG

A further development of these non-woven web tools are tools in which the non-woven web has a special PU foam applied in a wound and/or pressed form. These tools are titled with the abbreviation SVG and the corresponding type with regard to foam hardness and porosity. The advantage of this combination of materials is that the tool is even more resistant to wear and results in an increased service life in the process. The foam helps the fleece, and therefore the abrasive grain to fix to the fleece very well, and as a result a very homogeneous level of removal is achieved for even the smallest abrasion particles.

This SVG material combination is used primarily in deburring.


For SVG tools, a resistant grinding tool with a consistent level of firmness and compactness is created from the foaming of the wound grinding fleece, which leads to the positive properties of a higher service life, a low level of clogging of the surface and smaller abrasion particles.

With this material, you can also manufacture tools that grind along their circumference, and also on the front side. The grain is then subsequently removed in the process.

SVG tools are suitable for both dry and wet treatment.


Main areas of use:

  • The treatment of surfaces and profiles, panels and belts
  • Treatment of irregular profiles
  • Cleaning and finishing treatments
  • The treatment of ski soles
  • Matting and satin finishing of surfaces
  • Production of technical and decorative surfaces
  • Deburring and rounding of punched parts
  • Removal of annealing colours, scale
  • Removal of drilling burrs
  • Refining of surface structures
  • Industrial areas: Aviation, automotive, electronics

Materials to be treated:

  • Ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • Wood
  • Plastic
  • Lacquer

Supply range:

Total diameter in mm:
50 – 500

Working width in mm:
10 to 2000

04(soft), 06(soft), 08(medium), 10(medium), 12(medium), 14(very hard)

Foam type:
type 1, type 2, type 3


Tools made from SVG foamed grinding fleece:

Wound, foamed grinding fleece wheels type SVG

Wound, foamed grinding fleece rollers type SVG

Wound, foamed grinding fleece disc type SVG