Your requirements

are our benchmark

Our claim and our motivation

The one thing that you can rely on with certainty in an industrial environment is change. It doesn’t matter whether it is the process, the plant technology, the materials or the customer requirements that are changing. Because whatever it is that is changing, it is a challenge in terms of development, procurement and implementation.

So that you do not have to act alone regarding all of these points, we can meet these challenges together with you and develop solutions together for successfully shaping the future.


Your requirements are our benchmark

Quality, costs and usefulness are important requirements for tools. We work with machines that use the very latest technology, we use materials from renowned manufacturers and we define our tools together with our customers in order to achieve the best results possible for the corresponding process.

The basis for successful collaboration is the exchange of technical knowledge, understanding of the processes that our customers use and their requirements as well as personal contact, which is still essential, even in the digital age.

Our experienced employees will use their expertise when talking with the customer in order to understand the customer’s requirements and design the new tools. Using technology, these designs will be transformed during manufacturing into products that will support the customer to implement solutions, to obtain benefits in the production process and to achieve a better cost-benefit relationship.


We want to inspire our customers with innovative and individual solutions for everything that relates to surface treatment.

The basis for this is the value-oriented and responsible collaboration with our customers and suppliers that is a hallmark of the P.S.E. team.

Customer benefits

You can rely on:

  • Our very wide product range
  • Our innovative products
  • Our highly competent employees as your contact person
  • Our individual solutions
  • Our consistently high level of quality
  • Our tools that are optimally tailored to your requirements and processes